Building Blindfolded

The exercise last week in class was one of the most creative I have participated in. It is interesting to look back on both the team member and the team leader performance and perspective. First, the team leader was tasked with verbally explaining what the individual team member needed to do with their hand. This was difficult since the leader could only give one instruction at a time. Also, the instructions needed to be non-visual and extremely clear to ensure the task was executed correctly. I must say our team leader gave quick and clear instructions (for the most part (wink)). As for the team members, we had to be patient with the leader. While we wanted to beat the clock, we were forced to be idle when others were receiving instructions.

After we were allowed to run the simulation without the blindfolds, we quickly pulled together as a team to devise the quickest assembly in the class (disputed). It was exciting to see the motivation that came out when everyone clearly understood the vision, or final result, of what we were trying to accomplish.


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