Change Management

I hate to admit it, but change management is something that, until recently, I had never heard of. Like most people I work at a place where things are constantly changing. Unfortunately, in my organization, the changes appear to be constant chaos and not evolution.

There are two main reason I believe my company does not implement successful change. The first is the lack of strategy and planning. It seems that the bulk of the changes implemented are largely based off of ideas read in a book or suggested by others. Instead of thinking the ideas through and tailoring them to meet our specific needs, they are implemented quickly and in haste. Without the proper planning there is no procedure or direction to keep the implementation on track.

The second shortfall is communication of the change. Again, since there is no plan to speak of, there is not much to communicate. However, even the reason for the change is not communicated clearly. I think that it is extremely important to educate your employees on the reason(s) for change. Additionally, when employees ask questions about the changes implemented, they are usually left unanswered.

Some of the changes have worked their way through the system with positive results. However, I wonder how many more there would be if they would have been backed with proper strategy and communication.


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